Wellie Washer

from James Keyser Products
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The Wellie Washer from James Keyser Products is a self-contained unit that quickly cleans the sides and bottoms of boots with minimum effort and mess. The Wellie Washer contains a water sprinkler system that is showered around brushes to scrub away dirt and grit as you insert your boots.


The Wellie Washer requires no electricity or even running water.

Easy to use:

attach a hosepipe via the Hozelock attachment supplied.

Remove the access caps at the base of the unit to allow mud, grit and water to flow away.

Holding onto the bar for support, point your foot and insert each boot and scrub through the brushes as the water sprinkler washes away dirt. Remove each clean boot!

Suitable for all types of long boots including leather riding boots.

Hygiene Wellie Washer:

Maintain cleanliness standards

Almost identical in design, the Hygiene Wellie Washer has been adapted internally to comply with health and safety standards where clean and sterilised footwear is required to avoid footfall cross-contamination on entering premises. Businesses that benefit from this useful cleaning aid include those in the food production industry, catering, livestock farming, construction and many more.

To use, leave the access caps in place and fill with detergent or disinfectant solutions as required.


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